Alex Sadak

Alex Sadak

I met Dr. Mike Crete while attending The Pankey Institute, he was one my first instructors. As an E1 instructor, Dr. Crete would spend extra time after class to get to know the students and answer any questions we had.

Throughout the years I have kept in close contact with Mike because I highly value him as a friend and a mentor. When the time came for me to purchase my own practice I relied heavily on his advice to have a smooth transition with the previous practice owner. Dr. Crete and I would set aside time for phone calls to discuss systems, scheduling, staff management, and much more.

Thanks to his guidance I was able to confidently go through an incredibly challenging 6 months of my first practice acquisition. Throughout the process Dr. Crete was always accessible, dependable, and invaluable in his expertise in this field since he had recently sold his own private practice to a younger doctor. I would highly recommend the service of Dr. Crete for any practice consulting or coaching needs.

Alexander Sadak, D.D.S.
Practice Owner, Virginia