Client Stories

  • Ray Ribitch

    Every successful professional has a coach, someone who helps them reach their fullest potential. Why should dentists be any different? Dr Crete is that coach for me. Someone to share ideas, discuss strategy and implement changes in my dental practice to help us reach our fullest potential. I highly recommend Dr. Crete and PRISMway to any dentist looking to project themselves to the next level. 

    Ray Ribitch, D.D.S
    Mt. Pleasant, MI

  • Dr. Dave Fischer

    Dr. Mike Crete has been an invaluable resource to our practice for over twenty years. As a young practice, Mike coached us extensively in systems streamlining and organization. In years since, Mike has guided us through workshops on topics ranging from insurance strategies to verbal skills and most recently, helping us weave our way through the process of going out of network with insurance (Delta).

    Mike has a wealth of knowledge and sound thinking in the business of dentistry and with that, a passion in helping practices realize their potential!

    David B. Fischer, D.D.S.
    Private Practice, Michigan

  • Alex Sadak

    I met Dr. Mike Crete while attending The Pankey Institute, he was one my first instructors. As an E1 instructor, Dr. Crete would spend extra time after class to get to know the students and answer any questions we had.

    Throughout the years I have kept in close contact with Mike because I highly value him as a friend and a mentor. When the time came for me to purchase my own practice I relied heavily on his advice to have a smooth transition with the previous practice owner. Dr. Crete and I would set aside time for phone calls to discuss systems, scheduling, staff management, and much more.

    Thanks to his guidance I was able to confidently go through an incredibly challenging 6 months of my first practice acquisition. Throughout the process Dr. Crete was always accessible, dependable, and invaluable in his expertise in this field since he had recently sold his own private practice to a younger doctor. I would highly recommend the service of Dr. Crete for any practice consulting or coaching needs.

    Alexander Sadak, D.D.S.
    Practice Owner, Virginia

  • Dr. Bryant Dudzick

    Dr. Crete has been a mentor and coach of mine for several years. He has mentored and coached me through the end of dental school, through my residency, through my search for an associate position, and most recently through my purchase of a private practice from a retiring dentist. Having several decades of relationship based private practice experience, and a wealth of knowledge in private practice transitions, Dr. Crete has been a big part in helping me reach many of my goals. From book recommendations, to CE recommendations, to assessing associate and private practice opportunities, to recommending and working with accountants, lawyers, and banks through the transition process, to communicating with the selling dentist, to business owner tax optimization, Dr. Crete has been there to help enthusiastically!

    Bryant Dudzick, D.D.S.

  • Dr. James Bond, Montana

    Working with Dr. Mike Crete during a one year consulting relationship had a significant impact on my practice. Not only was it extremely helpful to always have another unbiased opinion on office, business or staffing matters, but with Dr. Crete’s guidance, I was able to streamline the bookkeeping and tax planning portion to the practice as well. Dr. Crete coming to our office for a team visioning and planning workshop, which allowed us hone in on our office goals and marketing strategies, which ultimately lead to a name/brand change to help reflect our office culture, vision and practice goals. I cannot say enough about the value I gained from my relationship with Dr. Crete during the time we worked together, as well as on an ongoing basis.

    Dr. James Bond

  • Katie Burggraff

    I met Dr. Crete at the Pankey Institute during an Essentials Course I took several years ago. When he learned I was also from Grand Rapids, he invited to me join a study club that he facilitates in town. Dr. Crete brought together a group of dentists and specialists and created a safe and productive space for learning and growth both personally and professionally. He is a wonderful educator, mentor and friend. I truly appreciate all the effort and time he has dedicates to paying it forward to another generation of dentists.

    Dr. Katie Burggraff
    Grand Rapids, MI

  • Mike Ruskowski

    It is abundantly clear that Mike has a genuine passion for dentistry, teaching, and helping others succeed. My greatest growth, professionally and clinically, has come through Mike’s mentorship in his Pankey study club. I think what has made him so successful is that he enjoys celebrating others’ growth and success as much as they enjoy it themselves. He has helped me become a better clinician, leader, and professional while becoming a good friend along the way.

    Dr. Mike Ruskowski

  • Dr. Pat Condit

    I've had the privilege of having a mentor and friend in Dr. Michael Crete for many years. His passion for the profession is unmatched. He has developed several successful private practices. However, this success is overshadowed by his drive to help other dentists achieve their own goals. Teaching is truly his strength and with his knowledge base and years of experience he can provide the right guidance for anyone. I would not be in the profession or where I am today without his help.

    Patrick Condit, D.D.S.

  • Stephen Mancewicz

    Mike has been a great mentor and teacher of mine for several years through our Pankey study club. He is a wealth of knowledge not only from a clinical perspective and reviewing complex cases together but especially with managing a practice and teaching you how to better understand your patients. I strongly value his opinion and always have gotten great advice from him. Most of all I appreciate Mike because he’s a great person to be around, fun to listen to, and always eager to help you out when in need.

    Dr. Steve Mancewicz, D.D.S

  • Dr. Jeff Helmus

    I have known Dr. Crete for several years, but I have gotten to know him well over the last four years as he has facilitated our Pankey Study Group. As a leader and mentor, Dr. Crete fires on all cylinders. He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He has an amazing ability to see treatment problems and clearly articulate solutions. I have consulted with him on several occasions regarding my patients, and he is always able to help me see and understand how best to provide exceptional treatment. What stands out most to me about Dr. Crete is that he has a passion to elevate our profession by making the dentists around him better. And, in addition to his skills as a dental leader, he is a pretty fun guy to hang out with.

    Jeff Helmus, D.D.S.

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